(Before reading this, please read our mission statement on the front page.) If you are on this wiki, we assume that you are a denizen of Sulerstavayka, like us. These are the types of articles that will be on the wiki.

  • Factual Articles about Earth as we see it. (Such as our article on pie.)
  • Articles about Earth's many different cultures, animals and people, and what they do. (One article that combines all these is our article on ELEPHANTS!!)
  • Opinions and Speculation about Earth's politics and other such matters as you see them.
  • On your User Blog, we suggest you write your journal on your adventures as a Sulerstavaykan detective on Earth.

Though our focus on Earth, you may write articles about Sulerstavayka too.

No, SeriouslyEdit

Okay, this is what the wiki really is about. Obviously, there's no such place as Sulerstavayka. It was made up by the human that created this wiki. The whole point of the place is for it to be funny. It's kind of hard to explain what kind of articles to put on here, but just use the guidelines in the above section. Look at some of the articles already on here to get a feel for what to do. Here's a short summary of what to do to start a new article.

  • 1. Think of some aspect of Earth, be it a material, person, idea, animal, or place.
  • 2. Ask yourself, "If a stupid alien saw this and knew the basic idea of it and made completely wrong assumptions about everything else about it, what would they think it was/did?"
  • 3. Make a wiki page about what you just thought of.

For pages on Sulerstavayka, just make it up. Really. Everything else is pretty self-explanatory, and what it says above about the ongoing articles is true.

Above all, Have fun!

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